We always love having our students here at our Beverly Hills academy, but we know it can be difficult to plan and budget for. With our online courses, Daria Chuprys Permanent Makeup Academy Advanced Courses are available to anyone anywhere at any time! Learn at your own pace, on your terms, in the comfort of a location that best suits your needs. Our online courses feature a curriculum that is just as rigorous and comprehensive as our Academy courses. Our online courses include: practice materials, texts, access to full procedure demo videos for 6 months, academy support for 6 months, and certificate of attendance for up to 10 hours per course (yes, these hours can be applied toward continuing education hours).

Access your course anytime & anywhere with our Mobile Friendly Online Academy App. Available on both the Apple App Store & Google Play! A link to the app on both stores are provided after enrollment. (internet access needed while using the mobile app)

Please note: We believe in a strong foundation when learning any new skill therefore these courses are NOT for beginner students. They are designed for those who already have a foundation in permanent makeup. For information on our beginners courses please go to https://dariapermanentmakeup.com/academy-training-courses/ or contact us.





A Note from Daria,

What is amazing about my online courses is that you can choose, mix and match different advanced courses available for you to strengthen your PMU skills.  This course is designed to boost your confidence, to help you to advance to the next level, and to inspire you to create even more beautiful work while learning new techniques and becoming a successful permanent makeup artist.

For each technique I will review in detail my tray set up, products that I like and use, how I pre-draw, anesthetize, stretch, at what angle I hold my needle, how I move, what is my pigment choice,  and show you all the necessary steps that you need to know.

Imagine having access to a world renowned PMU trainer… teaching you at your own pace and convenience for an affordable price. I will share my technique with you, teach you tips and tricks to save you time and achieve amazing results. I will share all that I know- what took me over 9 years of experience to master.

I will guide you with easy steps,  and break down all the information in a simple way. My exercises will help you to stay focused and dedicated through your course.

You need to prepare yourself, mentally and physically, this is going to be a new chapter of your life, new journey. You need to be ready for it, set up new goals for yourself, find your dream, imagine yourself where you want to be and the most importantly, make time and space for your new career because it’s the only way to succeed.

Best of Luck,

Daria Chuprys

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