Have you ever asked yourself how many hours per week, per month and per year it takes for you do your makeup? Let’s say it takes 10 minutes per day for the most minimal makeup application – we all know it only goes up from there! On a weekly basis, 10 minutes times 7 days per week is 70 minutes. On a monthly basis, 70 minutes times 4 weeks per month is 280 minutes… that’s 4.6 hours. On an annual basis, 280 minutes per month times 12 months a year is 3360 minutes… that’s 56 hours per year of your life! That’s almost 2 and half days! Crazy to actually think about it right?! What if you could cut down on the makeup routine time significantly and never spend all those minutes and hours again? Look no further… Permanent makeup is the perfect way to enhance your natural beauty and save yourself time and money. Here at Daria Chuprys we offer the latest Permanent Makeup techniques which yield less invasive procedures, more natural looking results, and no down time. We use the highest quality anesthetics, tools and machines, pigments, and procedure products to give our clients the best retention and long term results. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead…give yourself the gift of permanent makeup.

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