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    Eva Lapteva is an Junior Artist at Daria Chuprys Permanent Makeup. She is passionate about helping women feel confident and beautiful by enhancing their natural features with permanent makeup. Eva specializes in ombré eyebrows, fluffy strokes, and tinted lips. She takes pride in her work and ethic, and loves to see the smile on her clients’ faces when they see the results of her efforts.

    Read Eva’s Story:

    I always had uneven and sparse eyebrows, but I never considered doing permanent eyebrow makeup because I was scared of the unnatural results I saw on some of my friends. Luckily, I met Daria, who became both my friend and client. I started following her work and really liked her aesthetic. I trusted her experience and decided to get my eyebrows done. My boyfriend was also nervous about me getting my eyebrows done, fearing they might look angry or surprised. However, Daria reassured me that the result would be very natural. She explained that she would start with a light touch and build it up during the Touch Up session.

    Let me tell you, my boyfriend and I loved my eyebrows so much that I decided to get my lips and eyeliner done as well. I’m thrilled with the results and only regret not doing it sooner. This experience inspired me to pursue a career as a permanent makeup artist. When I first asked Daria about PMU training, she advised me to think twice before diving in. She warned me that it wouldn’t be easy, requiring a lot of time and effort to achieve decent results. After contemplating it for a few months, I felt a strong calling and was ready to put in the hard work. That’s how I began my career.

    After a year and a half of shadowing and apprenticing under Daria and Kostas, and enduring numerous trials and errors, along with hundreds of hours of practice, I found that my goal was to consistently achieve good results and feel confident in my work. Permanent Makeup has transformed both my personal life and my career. I enjoy it every single day, and the positive feedback from clients and witnessing their transformations has ignited a passion in me for Permanent Makeup. I now see incredible opportunities that it offers in the lives of everyday women.