Adding to your menu of services or honing in on your skills, is essential for your career and business advancement as well as your educational growth. Microblading is definitely a technique worth knowing. Being able to give your clients the most natural looking hair strokes is what will set you apart from every other artist. Taught by Daria herself, you will learn her tips and tricks to achieving amazing results and retention by a pioneer ad expert in the technique. You will learn how to select proper pigments, depth and pressure, and everything else you will need to perform the procedure and attain amazing results and retention.


A Note from Daria,

Microblading – My first PMU love.  I put my 9 Years of experience in Microblading in this intensive course making it so much easier for you. We will start with basics and learn how to draw beautiful shape and eyebrow mapping.  You will learn 3 Different Hair Patterns and practice drawing them, practice on latex, with exercises. We will concentrate on the right depth of pigment implantation, discuss common mistakes and problems, you will find high quality videos of the whole procedure on real client, HD close up videos to understand better the depth  plus bonus manual shading. I will show you all the rules of Microblading and help you to get great healed results and beautiful retention.

For each technique I will explain in details my tray set up, products that I like and use, how I pre-draw, anesthetize, stretch, at what angle I hold my needle, how I move, what is my pigment choice and so much more!  I will show you all the necessary steps that you need to know and help you to get your skills on another level. With student support you can always send us your work for review and ask us any questions.

Best of Luck,

Daria Chuprys


This online course will feature:

Theoretical overview, brow mapping and shaping according to the golden mean of proportions, hair patterns and practice, latex practice, full procedure demo including tray set up and recommended products, after care protocol and much more!

You will learn how to select proper pigments, depth and pressure, and everything else you will need to perform the procedure and attain amazing results and retention.

This course has 31 videos, including 9 different exercises.

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Please note: We believe in a strong foundation when learning any new skill therefore this course is NOT for beginner students. It is designed for those who already have a foundation in permanent makeup. For information on our beginners courses please go to or contact us.

Online Microblading Kit

After enrollment, a kit with practice materials and tools will be sent to you.

After completion of the course you will receive a Certificate of Attendance Noting 10 Hours Attendance.

Your Course Kit Will Include:

Microblading Manual

Pre Practice Manual

Aftercare Manual

Disposable Elegance Handtools x10

#13 Elegance Needles x10

Autoclavable Handtool

Brow Razors x5

Practice Headband

Brow Stencil Stamp + Ink Pad

Black Pencil + Sharpening Razor

Pack of Tapered Cotton Swabs

Pack of Mapping String

Pigment Cups x15

Pigment Rings x15

Latex Practice Skins x5

Aftercare Pads x10

Roll of 50  Visors

Roll of 50 Eyebrow Rulers

A Sample Pigment

The tuition for this course is $895. The tuition is paid in full the day you sign up for the course. The tuition is absolutely non refundable, non negotiable and non transferable. You will receive access to your course once your payment has been verified and processed.

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